Meet the President


Bobby Cooper, AHDA PresidentMarch 20, 2017

Dear Viewer,

Welcome to the American Holiday Decorators Association on the world wide web. My name is Bobby Cooper, President and founder of the this great association. I created this association back in November of 2004 because I felt the industry needed a way for all involved to network. This association will allow people in our industry to network and will only improve this industry. I cannot tell you how many hours I have spent researching for better products and ideas for my holiday decorating business. All members will have easy access to any new ideas and the best quality products in the industry.

You may be a prospective member interested in discovering information about the wonderful holiday light and decorating industry that AHDA can offer you. Be sure to visit the Frequently Asked Questions page and see for yourself that the American Holiday Decorators Association has everything that you need to better your holiday business. As President of this association, my goal is to make the AHDA a friendly place where everyone in the industry can go to share infomation and ideas that will better all of us. I have learned that it is better to learn from others than from your own mistakes. Consider this association the glue that brought everyone together and that made the industry better.

To make this association its strongest, we need everyone to join. By joining now while the holiday decorating industry is in its slow time you give yourself time to implement the things that you learn from other members and can take adavantage of the off season pricing. You will be able to make this time of year a more productive time of year with the help of the AHDA. My door is always open for all members and any prospective members to discuss any issues or ideas in the industry. We hope to help you improve your business through the AHDA.


Bobby Cooper

President of AHDA