About the American Holiday Decorators Association

        The American Holiday Decorators Association is a non-profit organization serving commercial decorators and suppliers in the holiday lighting and decorating industry. The AHDA is the leading business association for the holiday light and decorating industry. The AHDA was created in order to give members of the holiday light and decorating industry access to one another. By doing so, they become able to share ideas and information that will strengthen this industry. By creating a friendly network, each member gains access to important tools and information that will make their business stronger. The AHDA also gives customers access to finding someone located in their area to provide them with professional holiday lighting and decorating.

        The American Holiday Decorators Association is dedicated to making each of its members stronger, one member at a time. The AHDA is determined to represent, educate and promote one of the most rapid growing industries in North America. We offer several benefits to our members, whether they are associate members or general members. The AHDA is a source of unifying the industry and promoting its growth. By ensuring that all members have access to training, great products, and knowledgeable support, the AHDA continues to promote the expanding of this great industry.